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Lazio vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and the "Power of Words"

Lazio vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and the "Power of Words"

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After Lazio-Tottenham match at Olimpico, London-based media are hilarious, just like a pack of starving wolves finds a piece of decaying bone. They give a large portion of their space for the match. Very small analysis on the match itself, only Villas-Boas’ stupid statement on Bale's disallowed goal, that his side has been robbed 4 goals in their two clashes with Lazio this year.

Daily Express, Soccerway and Daily Star are more interested in accidents outside the pitch. Not so much more on brutal attack to Tottenham fans in Drunken Ship Bar after the police found that most of the attackers were Ultras Roma. For those media the matter has been forgotten if Ultras Lazio has not been involved!

“Free Palestine
A sharp accusation is pointed toward Curva Nord where a “Free Palestine” banner was unrolled and “Juden Tottenham” chants were sung. The media, as well as Villas-Boas, urge UEFA to take firm action against Lazio. Not only to fine Lazio, but also to forbid Biancoceleste to host future European matches. A media even proposes a very absurd recommendation: UEFA is to decide that Tottenham wins the match by 3-0!

Paul Gascoigne is another sitting-duck target for them. Gazza is accused to be insensitive and a traitor to the Kingdom by sitting together and laughing over jokes with Lotito and other Lazio directors; while at the very moment his fellow citizens (Spurs fans) were harassed by Lazio fans for something beyond everyone’s power to choose: race.

Di Canio
The media even published editorials and articles on something that happened long time ago. Di Canio’s Roman salutes (not NAZI salute!). And remind their readers of Roma as “Stab City” as if they have amnesia of recent history. Lazio fans never stabbed English fans. The Stab City title was given to the capital after Ultras Roma stabbed fans of MU, Arsenal, Liverpool and Middlesborough.

London-based media tend to exaggerate things, even manipulating facts to build a desired public opinion. It is the “power of words” that has been used by writers all over the world for centuries. So, laziali, please WRITE for our Lazio and use “the power of words” for Biancoceleste!

(by Galuh Trianingsih Lazuardi, sorry for my imperfect English, I’m not a native speaker)

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